About Us

Welcome to Hanrahan Consulting, where organizational psychology is not just a profession—it’s our passion. With a laser-focused specialty in enhancing team performance, effectiveness, and resilience, we empower medium to large businesses and corporations to unlock their teams’ full potential.

Jeffrey Hanrahan

Jeffrey Hanrahan

Our Journey

With a rich background in IO psychology, Jeffrey Hanrahan ventured into the realm of consulting to bridge the gap between academic research and practical, in-the-trenches business challenges. Hanrahan Consulting was born from the vision to transform team dynamics in a way that not only enhances performance but also nurtures the well-being of every member.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the heart of every successful organization beats within its teams. Founded by a seasoned Industrial-Organizational (IO) Psychologist, our consultancy stands on the pillars of scientific rigor, tailored strategies, and human-centric approaches. We understand that in the dynamic tapestry of the corporate world, the threads of effective teamwork are what create a masterpiece.

Our Services

Through our bespoke suite of services, we offer:

Team Diagnostic Assessments

Uncover the underlying patterns that drive your team’s behavior and performance.

Conflict Resolution Interventions

Navigate the complexities of team conflicts and turn them into opportunities for growth.

Performance Management Systems

Implement robust systems that foster accountability, clarity, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Team Development Programs

Engage in evidence-based programs designed to elevate your team’s cohesion and resilience.

Team Insight Profiler (TIP)

Employing advanced psychometrics and data analysis to gather actionable insights about overall team preferences, behaviors, and experiences.

At Hanrahan Consulting, your team’s success is our mission. We invite you to explore the transformative journeys we have facilitated and envision what we can achieve together.

Let’s build not just better teams, but a better future for your organization.

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