Unveiling the Art of Organizational Excellence

by | Jun 1, 2024

Embarking on a Career in Organizational Psychology

After obtaining my industrial organizational psychology degree, I embarked on a journey that started at the U.S. Army Research Institute. My focus on team performance management and resilience has been a cornerstone of my career. As the founder of Hanrahan Consulting LLC, and a key player in Walmart Inc.’s Global People Analytics Division, I’ve applied psychological principles to drive organizational change and effectiveness.

Leveraging Expertise for Organizational Success

My expertise in strategic planning, leadership development, and change leadership is grounded in a deep understanding of team dynamics and organizational structures. My approach is data-driven, empathetic, and tailored to enhance team performance management, ensuring that both people and processes align for optimal success.

Transforming Organizations with Insightful Strategies

A notable success was with a lifestyle client, where I revolutionized their customer survey approach. This project not only demonstrated my expertise in team performance management but also highlighted the practical application of industrial organizational psychology principles in solving real-world business challenges.

Guiding Leaders Toward Strategic Excellence

My work involves providing executives with strategies rooted in the core principles of industrial organizational psychology. From enhancing decision-making processes to navigating complex organizational changes, I offer insights that align with the latest trends and research in our field.

Future Explorations

Stay tuned for future posts where I’ll delve into Remote and Hybrid Work Models, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and other pressing topics in the field of organizational psychology.

A Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

Guided by my industrial organizational psychology degree and a passion for continuous learning, I, Jeffrey Hanrahan, am dedicated to guiding organizations towards unparalleled success and efficiency.

Join me in exploring the fascinating world of organizational psychology and its impact on today’s businesses.

Warm regards,

Jeffrey Hanrahan

Hanrahan Consulting
Hanrahan consulting is dedicated to enhancing team performance, effectiveness, and resilience. We empower medium to large businesses and corporations to unlock their teams’ full potential.

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